The SitesafeLiive Product (SSL) is a 21st Century technology platform that delivers real time Project Management assistance & cost reductions for Infrastructure Principals & their Contractors. Our platform uses the latest satellite & Telco Wireless data-streaming technology to send information packets direct from your work site to office. The SSL product is particularly suited for Principals on Infrastructure sites that cover large geographical areas such as:-
  1. Road building
  2. Mine sites or exploration drilling sites
  3. Power & gas pipelines & energy corridors
  4. Ports, Dams & sub-divisions
  5. Forestry, Parks & APZ's, Riparian Zones & Large outdoor sites & Civil Constructions sites such as bridges etc
SSL provides liive on-site supervisory & monitoring capability without leaving your office. The data-stream supplies instant information relating to machinery & personal work performance & Safety Compliance.
The received data is then formatted into a series of low cost, easy to use software support modules such as automated payroll & invoicing, among other information such as maintenance reports.
The BENEFITS to Principal's & Contractors revolve around the ability of our Product to integrate into your existing systems, new or old - again saving losses on asset redundancy. Other Benefits from SSL in both TIME & MONEY are achieved by:-
  1. Instant reports for Management & Board Directors, reducing the normal time lags from manual paper based systems
  2. Costs reductions achieved in real-time operating terms & in reduction in Administrative & Supervisory staff - especially on the larger sites
  3. Reductions in fixed cost overheads such as Payroll Tax, PAYE Tax & reductions in Workers Comp premiums & other Insurance premium reductions as Compliance is attained & Certified
  4. Stronger Site Security also results from the built in alert systems & from entry to & exit from the "invisible" Geo-fencing tool, all which is stored on formatted reports
Read more in our Product Benefits page
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