General Product List

  • SSL Online Management Portal
  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Black Box Data Streaming
  • SafeMob Phone
  • RiskMaster WHS and EMS
  • RTO & Training
  • Automated Payroll
  • Discount Diesel Supply & Storage

Additional Services

  • Heavy Machinery Brokerage
  • Discounted Motor Fleet
  • SSL Finance Package
  • Heavy Machinery & Fleet Finance
  • National Employment Service
  • Project Consultancy & Quoting
  • WHS & NHVAS Consultancy
  • Tender Alerts on a State by State or Federal basis
PRODUCT LIST SUMMARY ( valid from MARCH 2013 )
Section 1 DATABASE & Contractor "mini web sites" The data base will hold lists of all machinery & personnel for each Project & their licences etc to go on-site. This will be viewed by the Principal via secure inspection portals.

Section 2 SHOEBOOKS (TM) TOTAL ACCOUNTING PACKAGE with all the required features such as BAS/GST, P & L, Invoicing, Payroll, PAYE & Group Tax Extra Product Features:- Project & Job Costing, Integrated & Automated Payroll, Online Quotes- Timesheets & Invoices, Complete Financial Reporting, Attachments, Balance Line Banking & Foreign Currency. Includes an easy to use Migration package to bring Data across from MYOB, QuickBooks or any other accounting package

Section 3 THE BLACK BOX DATA STREAMING UNITS - Monitors all machinery Liive on-site, with automated reports straight into your office management systems. The units provide instant reports on:- Safety & rescue alerts - Maintenance - Work Placement - Automated Payroll & Invoicing available. The system gives Contractors Operational savings of between 18% to 28% from Industry surveys

Section 4 SAFEMOB (TM) (Personnel Rescue & Liive Payroll) - this product is a smart phone & has a rescue alert built in. There is also an automated payroll app

Section 5 RISKMASTER COMPLIANCE - WH&S, QA, ENVIRONMENTAL & NHVAS SOFTWARE & SUPPORT CONSULTANCY - this complete compliance module provides software templates & automated progress monitoring for AS:4801, ISO:9000 & ISO:14001. It also provides templates & an automated Breach Checker for the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Regulations

Section 6 RTO & TRAINING - over 230 Courses available. While these are too many to list here we are prepared to discuss your needs and even to tailor a specific course to your needs.

Section 7 AUTOMATED PAYROLL - this service can be applied via the black boxes or the smart phones to give instant electronic payroll for all staff & personnel on-site

Section 8 ADDITIONAL SERVICES - includes fixed cost reduction Consulting services including Salary Packaging & Self Funded Superannuation Plans. We can reduce your payroll Tax, PAYE Tax & your Workers Comp Premiums. We also provide a list of services as below
  1. Heavy Machinery, Equipment & Attachments Brokerage
  2. Discounted Motor Fleet Purchases
  3. Finance Package for SSL Subscriptions
  4. Heavy Machinery & Fleet Finance & Leasing
  5. National Employment Service for Heavy Machinery & Project Industry
  6. Project Consulting & Quoting Service
  7. Safety, QA, Environmental & NHVAS Consultancy backup
  8. Tender Alerts on a State by State or Federal basis

Section 9 BULK DIESEL FUEL DISCOUNTS - managing fuel and distribution costs.

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